Laguna Maku

Day trip to discover the two waterfalls of the valley los Bronces and arrive at Lake Maku.

The trail starts on the left bank of the Los Bronces River through a field of Calafates. The rest of the trail takes place mainly in the forest. Pass the 1st bridge “J. Toro Garcias” to reach the Los Bronces waterfall, the first of this hike. Cross again a bridge just above the waterfall.

Follow the river through the forest until you reach the old beaver forest and follow it on its left. Follow the trail in the undergrowth before crossing the river again on a pile of logs. On the way up to the lake, you will see the second waterfall on your right. From Maku Lake the return trip is by the same trail.

You must always inform people at your accommodation where you are going to walk.

How to get there:
Located 6km west of Puerto Williams, the beginning of the trail is on the road to Puerto Navarino just after the Los Bronces Bridge. To get there, it is possible to rent bikes in town or take the transfer (Puerto Williams - Puerto Navarino) on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.

Duration* : 3h30
Distance* : 5.6km from the start

Find this hike on the map:
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