Laguna Alinghi

A trek without technical difficulties of 2 days with grandiose landscapes and a fishing spot at the arrival.

The Alinghi lagoon is not considered as a trekking destination because it is a stage on the way to Windhond. It is however a fish-filled lagoon with a beautiful view of the back of the Dientes and a very nice trip along the rio Ukika. An excellent destination if you have 2 days or if there is too much snow to do the Dientes circuit.

Report to the Puerto William police station before leaving.

Take the Beaver Trail. At the end of the peat bog continue in the woods, the path is well marked and continues east of the river. In the middle of the lake, the trail climbs through the woods then zigzags between lagoons and beaver dams until you reach a pass from where you have a view of the Beagle Channel and Lago Windhond.

Lake Alinghi is 1km further south. You can camp on its left bank.
There are trout in this lake.
You may have the chance to cook the fruit of your fishing.

How to get there:
Departure from Puerto William, Arturo Prat street

Duration* : 10h30
Distance* : 22km

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