The Kanasaka Project

Laguna Escondida

The Kanasaka project started with a silly idea between two friends: how to go fishing at Lake Pilushejan on the south coast of the island when you are only 5 days old. To do so, we had to find a new path and clear it. Of course we only managed to clear 5 km. But we enjoyed the adventure. We then marked out the route and it met a positive echo as much with tourists as with the inhabitants of the island… it was gone.

Map paths / hikes

This work is done for free, for fun, but we are always happy to have help.
Don’t hesitate to contact us when you are on site and if the idea motivates you >

To date, two trails have been marked, the Laguna Maku and the Cerro Carancho. These two short hikes meet an important demand from tourists. They make it easy to discover Navarino’s landscapes for people who are not equipped or do not wish to camp. They also offer nice walks if you want to spend more time on the island.

Create maps

A 1:25k topographical map was sorely missed by hikers. The one we could find was not precise enough or too old to allow us to serenely discover the beauty of the island. So we worked to fill this gap by making the most of our experience in the field. This is how the first hiking map of the island came into being in 2020.

Suggest information

We would like to centralise useful information for anyone wishing to discover Navarino. As well as to make known the local initiatives, news, heritage and culture of the island.