Cerro Carancho

A nice view of the Beagle with the possibility to see condors and other birds of prey.
Beware the climb is rough!

Condors and caranchos cohabit on the Island of Navarino. We regularly observe them in the zone of the cerro. The condors are recognizable by their wingspan and their gliding flight. Caranchos are smaller and flap their wings in flight. With a bit of luck you will be able to observe during your ascent a battle in flight between these different birds.

Departure from Puerto Williams, go up Arturo Prat street and enter the dirt runway. Follow it for 300m until you see on your right a big tree with a white marker, then take the path on the left in the clearing.

The path goes down and along the river up to a destroyed bridge that you have to cross. Follow the track and take at the end to the right. Continue on this track, pass without following it the Windhond path. At the Carancho arrow take the track on the right. The trail climbs through the woods to a flatter area with many fallen trees, from here two steep climbs lead you to a first view of Puerto Williams and the Beagle Channel.

Continue through the forest to a clear area, 2nd viewpoint. After 300m the trail exits the forest and leads to a desert area at this altitude. From here the path is no longer marked. Take the direction of the ridge and follow the line up to the summit.


You must always inform people at your accommodation where you are going to walk.

How to get there:
The departure is from Puerto Williams, Arturo Prat street.

Duration* : 6h
Distance* : 11km

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