Lago Windhond

A demanding trek over 3-4 days to enjoy the tranquility of the Charles hut.

This is the 2nd most popular trek in Navarino. It allows to discover another aspect of the island less mountainous, more typical of the region. Above all, it can be done without risk from October to April through the Ukika valley.

Opinions are very divided on this trek, some love others hate it. You will have to walk in the mud, you will sink into the peat, you will zigzag on the beaver dams and you will do 1km/h in the areas of log tangle. Don’t plan to stay dry even if it doesn’t rain, and use gaiters. It is also true that the marking is not very easy to follow, or even non-existent on some sections, so you have been warned.

But what an adventure, what a joy. It’s wild, it’s surprising, it’s unique. And the Charles hut which awaits you with its stove at the arrival, the fishes of Lake Windhond, Death Valley on 4km… You would be wrong not to try, especially as it is possible to stop at the Laguna Alinghi if you don’t like it after all.

Please report to the Puerto William police station before you leave.

We do not develop here the complete route to lago Windhond, but with your map and the GPS track we provide you will not get lost. A description is being written.

How to get there:
Departure from Puerto William, Arturo Prat street

Duration* : 3-4 days
Distance* : 44km

Find this hike on the map:
Topographic map and hiking guide | Isla Navarino | Dientes de Navarino | Digital format Getting the map and GPS track