Puerto Williams

The southernmost city in the world

Don’t be fooled by appearances, behind sometimes austere fronts, you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay in Puerto Williams.

For your convenience and a general overview, you will find all the information on the map.

The Activities

Visit of the city with the museum and villa Ukika.

Of course there are the trekking tours.

Les dientes de Navarino remains the most famous and was rightly elected the best trek in Patagonia by Lonelyplanet. But you can also go as far as Windhond, or just do a game drive to Alinghi and fish for trout. Feel free to check out our trekking section to see all the possibilities you have from Puerto Williams.

In the west of the island, the trek to Wulaia allows you to immerse yourself in the history of Navarino by travelling through an area still recently inhabited by the Yagan people. Count 3 to 5 days depending on your level.

It is interesting to rent mountain bikes (turismo Shila) to ride along the Beagle coast. The West towards Puerto Navarino will allow you to make many historical stops, we have detailed them in the Coastal Walk. The East towards Caleta Eugenia is wilder and offers beautiful scenery if you like to ride and ride for miles. Beware, you will have the wind in your face on the way back.

The agencies will also offer day activities such as fishing, kayaking or horseback riding.

Turismo Shila
Explora Navarino
Navarino Beaver
Aventuras Kaitek

You can also organize a sailing tour at Cape Horn or in the glaciers of the fjords.


Accommodation will be the biggest budget of your stay. Hotels are getting more and more numerous every year without offering too many choices.

First of all, a quick look at tripadvisor, booking or other reservation centers, which are absolutely not up to date. The rates are often wrong, the locations are sometimes fantastical and the information on the number of free rooms is alarming even in the middle of winter! They even go so far as to widen the proposals on Ushuhaia, which can create confusion.

The fact is that internet access is still very random in Puerto Williams, many accommodations prefer not to work with them and simply use WhatsApp. As a result they are very poorly referenced, if at all. So don’t panic.

Go directly through the owners, you help the real development of local tourism and you don’t make money for a big international company. Moreover as you are going to leave the big tourist circuits, you can come quietly, there is no crowd. You don’t need to pay in advance, in Williams you are trusted and the idea of profitability has not yet perverted everything.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of accommodation in Puerto William.
Information on accommodation is available directly on the map.




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