Tips and information for a serene hike

Because of the specificities of the island and its geographical position we give you some advice.

The weather

The southern summer, which runs from November to March, is the best time to visit the island.
The climate is extremely changeable even in summer with winds that can be very gusty.
Check the weather forecast before you leave. The south wind is a harbinger of polar cold!

The Windguru application is very useful and quite accurate in its predictions.

Find your way around

The trails are not always well marked, take your time to look around and back up a bit if necessary. Preferably leave with a GPS or a phone equipped with a mapping application and the GPS tracks we provide.

It is safer to leave with a paper map and compass in case your GPS fails.


Declare yourself for multi-day hikes to the police station.
A group never splits up and stays together no matter what.
In case of a snowstorm wait quietly, it never lasts long.


Some of the hikes we offer require a good physical condition (Dientes, Lago Windhond).
We have put indications of average duration. They are to be adapted according to your physical preparation.

The food

For treks of several days, evaluate your food well and don’t leave too loaded.
Favour dry and light food.
You will find what you need for your expeditions in the shops of Puerto William.

The gear

The cold and humidity will be your worst enemies, take suitable equipment.
Warm and waterproof clothing, tent, adapted sleeping bag, gaiters, stove, windbreaker, hiking boots, walking sticks, lamp, GPS, map, compass, water filter.
The Shila shop is the essential link to buy equipment (opposite the government).


Be lucid about your hiking experience

Hiking on Isla Navarino requires some mountain experience and good physical condition.
If you are a novice and don’t want to carry a heavy bag you can rely on the experience of professional guides.
They are highly qualified and will make you discover the beauty of Navarino in complete safety:

Turismo Shila
Explora Navarino
Aventuras Kaitek

Limit your impact on these fragile environments

The soil of the island is very fragile.
Stay on the trails and don’t enlarge the muddy areas by trying to avoid them.
Yes, you have to walk in them!

Don’t let the dogs follow you! They disturb the wildlife and sometimes get lost.
Don’t hesitate to threaten them with a stick or a stone, even if it seems cruel.

Don’t leave any tracks!
Bury your droppings at least 20m from any water point and bring your rubbish / toilet papers back to the village.

No fire !